Zulu UC Triggering Speaker Phone

Hi All,

We are running the latest version of Zulu 3

We have it setup with click-to-call on Chrome, and to use the device (see attached image).

The problem is when we click to call, it automatically triggers the speakerphone on the device. Is this a setting we can toggle?

I have tried on a polycom VVX400 and a Yealink W52P. Both speakerphones automatically turned on.


You need to turn this off per extension in extension settings. Under the Zulu tab.

Can’t believe I missed that.


One last question, is it possible to have the origination ring TWO different phones?

Can I do this by creating a zulu user for a virtual extension which then rings both devices?

If you’re using PJ-SIP, you should get this functionality out of the box. Set the extension up with two appearances (i don’t remember the exact setting and my PBX Is hosed right now) and then register both of them to that extension.

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