Zulu UC on iOS registers but won't call

First time setting up Zulu since early v1 days.

Have port 8002 TCP forwarded through location firewall. 8089 as well (Asterisk mini-HTTP server for this install) for testing purposes.

Remote mobile app on iOS registers.

Have given the app permission as asked (Contact, Mic, one more I don’t remember).

Have deleted and reinstalled the app.

I “dial” at the Zulu keypad and press Send. The “Connecting Call” screen very briefly appears, then closes. The green phone icon in the upper left corner of the iPhone does the same.

In the Zulu module I see an Active session for the iPhone, with client 3.1, and iOS 13.3.1

Zulu module is

The Bria mobile app setup for the same extension registers and will make calls. I know this uses different ports, just demonstrating that the extension works.

User has all Zulu perms except Room Create, Private Group Create, Screensharing, User Override

There was an update for the iOS app today. It now goes to a “Connecting Call” screen, sits there for a couple seconds, then changes screens and immediately crashes; calls still don’t complete.

Based on questions elsewhere, I’m adding this:

In the Zulu module the device shows as registered.
Under mobile tokens, nothing is listed.

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