Zulu UC - No audio

I got it setup on latest Distro, and went ahead and upgraded with FreePBX 15, and here are the results.

Windows desktop - horrible muffled audio.

Android - No audio at all.

iOS - One way audio on outbound (cannot hear callee)

So, how are we suppose to troubleshoot this?

Does any other SIP client work good?

SIP telephone is loud and clear.

Interesting we haven’t had the issue with no audio however we have had the issue where the ring ring does not work for some numbers. The call still goes through but you don’t know it connects until they say hello. I have reported this to Zulu but seem to be going around the circle of not supporting free products such as Zulu for two users.

The point of offering two users is to allow you to use it and decide if you like it.

Nobody is going to pay for a broken product.

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