Zulu UC for Android Stopped Working

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Zulu Server

Android 10 - Zulu Mobile 1.1.0
Android 9 - Zulu Mobile 1.1.0

Some days ago we noticed our mobile zulu clients for Android were stuck on “Cannot Reach Server. Retying…”

Deleting the account a re-creating it on the phone didn’t work. Using different usernames available on the server also didn’t work. Deleting and re-creating the extension and username hasn’t helped.

On Android 9 we got an “Invalid Server Certificate” message, which is incorrect since the certificate is from Let’s Encrypt and valid through Feb/21.

On Android 10 we got a “Registration data is not valid”, which is also incorrect as we double-checked the credentials and changed the passwords several times.

Should we use the Scan QR Code, we get an “Invalid QR Code” message. Even after deleting the mobile token and re-creating it.

And still… all accounts are accessible from Zulu Desktop Client, so we don’t think it’s a port or firewall issue.


(Richard Smith) #2

Not sure they are actively working on Zulu Mobile anymore. They have a replacement called Sangoma Connect.

(Adrián Sanchez) #3

As per the Sangoma Connect FAQ we can keep using Zulu UC mobile no problems at all so I think it’s still supported. We have many Zulu UC clients out there and just need them working since they’re on production until we figure out pros and cons of moving to Sangoma Connect.


(Richard Smith) #4

It says you can use it but doesn’t say they are doing anything with it. According to the App Store it hasn’t had an update in 6mths dev time is likely to be on the new app and so can’t imagine they will do anything with the old app.

Either way it’s a commercial product so probably get a better response by opening a ticket.

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