Zulu UC for Android Stopped Working (again) Upon Cert Renewal

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Hi there.

We are facing this sort of issue every now and then, in several installations made by our customers.

Mostly when they update the server certificates.

All of the Android devices get disconnected and we are unable to reconnect them again. We get the usual Invalid Server Certificate Error or a newer one “Registration data is not valid” (it is). These messages depend on the cell phone make and model.

Never a problem with Zulu Desktop by using the exact same server and user credentials

The only solution we came across is to delete the users and re-create them.

All we got is “Use Sangoma Connect” and “It looks like Sangoma is not doing anything to Zulu Mobile since a year ago”

Is Sangoma silently discontinuing Zulu mobile?

Our customers invested their dollars on Zulu licenses before Sangoma Connect was available, they got used to Zulu Mobile, and at some point they can expect an educated invitation to move to another fine product. But they certainly cannot stand this kind of malfunction the only solution being forcing them to change the client and their server and firewall configurations in order to adopt Sangoma Connect.

This is becoming a bit distressing. We already know there’s Sangoma Connect, and it actually works but many of our customers will not expose their SIP ports to the internet. That is why we made them buy Zulu licenses in the first place. To not expose their SIP ports nor use a VPN client just as if they were using a common SIP softphone.

What are we supposed to tell them?

We really would appreciate an official word on this, so we can decide whether to stay or look for some other product.


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