ZULU UC Android Error

I can’t seem to get logged in on the Android app.

If I put my username as my userman username I get Invalid Username Field

If I use [email protected] it accepts it but never logs me in.

I think you need commercial certificate installed on your pbx server in order to be able to login on android Zulu

I have a commercial SSL certificate installed.

Other threads have mentioned the username needs to be JUST the username, without the @FQDN but mine won’t even let me save/attempt with just the username. It pops up the error “Invalid Username Field” but i’m using the username exactly as I use it to log into the UCP.

If I add the @FQDN to the username it lets me save, but then never connects.

Did you follow the instructions on wiki.freepbx.org?

Yes. I followed the instructions. They say:

“Next Enter your Username you use to login to UCP”

When I enter my username and all the other information then click save it immediately rejects the username saying “Invalid Username Field”
It seems like it is not even trying to connect but rejecting the username due to some validation rule that thinks I haven’t entered a correct username.

If I enter the Username as [email protected] then it accepts it and saves, but never connects.

So, should the username be just th ed UCPUsername, or does it need to have the @FQDN?

Everything works fine from the desktop client.

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