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Zulu UC 3 and Mobile

(Jessy5765) #41

If you are still having a certificate issue your old Cert might be stuck. SSH with WinSCP into your PBX. Go to: /etc/asterisk/keys and .old your _account folder to _account.old

Now go back and try to request the certificate, it should be successful. While you are there don’t forget to highlight over the cert under default and check it as the default cert.

Then head over to System Admin and HTTPS Setup. Click on Settings and Select your LetsEncrypt cert then hit install. Wait for it to finish. You should now be able to connect from mobile. Mobile requires that a cert be correctly installed while desktop does not.

(Arton Bajrami) #42

I have fund 2 issues with the mobile app to notconnect you have to use FQDN not the ip on app
also you have to set let’s encrypt as a default Cert on certification manager then it would connect

Im able to connect now but no audio and i dont know why thank you…

(Ted) #43

Still got the same error message after doing what you told to do

There was an error updating the certificate: Error ‘Requested host ‘’ could not be resolved’ when requesting

(Jessy5765) #44

oh! Well that error will occur when you dont have the DNS record setup in your GoDaddy or wherever you host your records. If you are resolving your domain to an internal DNS server then you will need to create the records there and point them to your PBX. It all depends on where you have your DNS in your PBX pointing to.