Zulu... "There is an error reaching the server"


Hi guys. I am going to seek commercial support shortly as it’s a 20 user license but thought I would ask in case I’m missing something obvious and the post might benefit someone with a 2 user license with the same problem. A remote user is getting “There is an error reaching the server” when trying to log in to the Windows Desktop App. I can’t replicate it as we can log in with their credentials no problem. Any ideas? I have re-built the user but it’s still happening. There’s nothing in the logfiles when they try to connect. It’s on v14. Thank you.

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I had one today that was a firewall issue, have you checked to see if they are banned?


I’ll need to check f2b at the moment it happens-ish, but I’m sure I have before. Either way, nothing in the logfiles.

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I don’t know if this can help you but I found it on web


Thanks Henry.

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