Zulu stop ringing

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we using Zulu, but we noticed some strange behavior

In advanced settings RingTime default is 15 (=Default number of seconds to ring phones before sending callers to voicemail or other extension destinations. This can be set per extension/user. Phones with no voicemail or other destination options will ring indefinitely)

we don’t use voicemail or other destination and follow me are disabled, , and so Softphone as Zoiper or Hardware Phone as Gradstream ring indefinitely, and also Sangoma Connect…Zulu stop after 15 seconds !

Now, as work-a-round we are using 30 seconds, how we can resolve ?

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i reply myself :slight_smile:
according to Support…Zulu is different…

"zulu internal dialplan is having the timeout so it is collecting that value of ringer timer set under extension or from the Advanced settings. Hence it is working that way.

But for other phones, if you do not enable the voicemail or follow me then it will ring indefinitely."

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