Zulu Sound device settings resetting randomly

So I’ve tried going the commercial support route and after a few weeks of sporadic replies and being handed off to a different support technician I was told that what I am running into is not really a bug but a feature that’s not supported by Zulu so I wanted to see if anyone in the community has run into this and fixed it.

Zulu: v3.0.4+129
PBX: v13.0.195.12
Windows 10 Pro: Version 1803

We have the Zulu software installed on a computer with a Bluetooth headset. We set the different audio settings to send the audio coming from Zulu to the Bluetooth devices as well as having Zulu use the microphone on the Bluetooth headset. However after a bit of time passes those settings get reset back automatically to whatever the OS default audio devices are so that when somebody calls in it rings over the computer speakers instead of the headset or it uses the built in laptop microphone instead of the one we set in the settings off Zulu.

Anyone seen this before and found a way to fix it?

I will also add that I don’t believe this is an issue with the Windows 10 workstation. While I was going back and forth with Commercial support I installed both X-Lite and Bria on this same computer with this same extension and both functioned as expected. Not once did we have to change the audio settings in either after setting what we wanted and using both for days.

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