Zulu Softphones stop ringing after a while

Hi guys,

I’m having a very odd issue with Zulu softphones. They register fine, they can make calls and they can receive calls(sometimes).

The issue is that after a while even though the extension is showing up as ringing when I do a queue show, it does not ring on the zulu application. Only until you close the application down and re-open it, or re-register the softphone do calls start going through to the extension.

Is this something like a socket timeout? It’s almost like the application itself doesn’t know that a call is coming through until you reset it.

Any help would be appreciated.

What version of Zulu

Hi Andrew,

2.1.15 on the client and on the freepbx.

After a while there are transient issues with the soft phone that breaks reconnections. You will have to restart Zulu. This is fixed in 3.0

I believe 3.0 is only available to select people, my main concern at the moment is with the softphones that do not ring after a random period of time, unless the transient issue is also related to that. I’ve logged it to issues.freepbx.org, they requested logs, I imagine they would need my client and server side zulu logs?

We are not fixing this bug in Zulu 2 as it’s fixed in Zulu 3

Hi Andrew,

We’ve purchased about 60 Zulu softphone licenses for a call centre and we’re sitting with a pretty big dilema as a lot of calls are being lost due to this issue, can you advise when 3.0 will be released?

Do these bugs exist across all of the 2.0 iterations?

I’m surprised by the Sangoma answer. We also bought 20 zulu licences and it’s unpleasant to ear that for our product to work, we have to move to unstable branch.
Is that the official answer from sangoma ?
By the way, we are also having the same behavior of course.

I’m not a Saangoma employee, but as far as i understand, there was some recent windows updates which partially damaged Zulu.

Sangoma is now working on Zulu 3 which is currently in beta. The more Beta users who are reporting bugs, the faster will be released a stable version… I worked with Zulu Beta team and they are very responsive.

Hopefully the stable release will be very soon.

Thanks for the feedback ! Do you experiment a lot of bugs with beta release or the main things are going well ?
I can’t go through beta with my customers but I can implement on my own site.

Send your Zulu 3 bugs to the email address provided in the Wiki.

Yes this is our official answer. Zulu 2.0 clearly states in wiki and in the desktop client the softphone is Beta. We made fundamental overhaul and changes to 3.0 based on all the feedback we got on 2.0 and trying to get 3.0 out from Beta to Stable but that can only happen once we are comfortable with it and the feedback we are getting from Beta users.

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Okay le’ts go to alpha then ! I’ll send you some bugs I had during the installation.

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