Zulu softphone will not make calls

I have been trying to get Zulu to work so I can have our call center reps work from home but have not been able to get it to work. I have purchased 3 20 packs of licenses for both my main and warm spare server and installed the softphones. I have followed the instructions and at first it worked internally but after trying some things to get it to work over the Wan it is now in a state where the softphone will login but if to try and make or receive all call it fails immediately with a sick sounding beep. I can also connect my iPad from outside now but internal call fail after a few seconds and calls to the outside fail immediately. I opened a ticket for commercial modules on Friday but I am only getting one email response a day so we have not made any headway. I am trying anything I can and getting heavy pressure from management to get this working. Any thoughts?

I would also be willing to pay for support if it would speed up the support process but I don’t want to buy credits that expire if it would not help us get this resolved faster. I have already spent $1,200.00 on something that doesn’t work right now.

Hey chuckrick,

In order to provide some hints, we need to know what versions do you have for Zulu Server? are what are the devices where is not working? mobile? ios? android? desktop? mac? windows? … you should gather all this information, and contact to Sangoma support as they will need it, feel free to post, and if I see something obvious (as mobile is not supported on FreePBX 13 for instance) I will let you know, but your best shot, is to open a ticket on commercial support.


Asterisk 13.29.2
Zulu PC client 3.4.0
As I said above the client will connect but when you try and make or receive all call it fails immediately with a sick sounding beep.
On Ipad calls to outside phone numbers fail immediately but calls to extensions work for a few seconds and then fail.
I have opened a ticket on Friday but emails have been very slow with only one response a day.

Hello again chuckrick,

I’ve contacted support @ Sangoma, the Director is trying to reach you out, please thanks for understanding and for your patience, check the support system as is the best place to have the discussion.


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Ok, Thanks. I was at lunch so I guess I missed the call. I replied with other contact info in the ticket. Thank you for your help with this.

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