Zulu softphone over wan connectivity issues

Hi, I’ve spun up a VM of freepbx in a lab for now.
All module and yum updates run.
Setup let’s encrypt (default) and accessing the web browser with https
LDAP to my lab AD and PJsip extensions automatically created.
Purchased the 2 free licenses for zulu

Found here that TCP ports 8002 and 8089 should be forwarded to freepbx although that is a zulu 2 guide and a 3 version does not exist in the wiki.

Also read that if a stun server is not specified then a default (google I think) is used.

Followed this guide also to setup zulu.

Now the zulu softphone captured the QR from UCP fine and connects and call the talking clock *60 fine. However, over the WAN (4G) the softphone connects to my home lab but make a call and I get the red connectivity issues screen after 3 seconds and no audio.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Well I have contacted freepbx support about this issue who said they don’t offer support on a free commercial module and I’m not going to buy the 100 license option till I have a working proof of concept. So I’m at the mercy of this forum, can anyone offer any help before I can this choice and look at the competition? I’ve already spent way too much time on this.

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