Zulu Softphone and Mobile App Issues

Good day,

I am trying out the free 1 year license for Zulu but cannot get the Mobile app and Softphone to work.

The server is hosted in a data centre and I control the firewall. Nothing is blocked for the PBX

The Softphone on Windows:
I can make and receive calls but as soon as I answer the call it drops.

The Mobile App:
Cannot make or receive calls on the app. When dialling numbers the call button is greyed out. The Account is registered.

Are their any additional ports that I need to allow although nother to and from the VM is blocked?

I got the sofphone to work by setting ICE to display public IP and not internal IP

Settings > Asterisk Sip Settings > ICE HOST CANDIDATES = set candidates localip=publicip. So Softphone is working 100% and I am happy with the software. Looking forward to deploying the solution.

However I am still stuck on the Mobile app.
It does not receive calls when extension is dialed. Cannot make calls from the app. Using it on android.
I use the same extension for Softphone and Mobile. Shoudl i change something to make the call go to mobile? How do I make a call from the app without sending the calls through my cell provider. I want to dial from the PBX.

Thank you.

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