Zulu soft phone

I’m having trouble getting the Zulu phone working on my Linux computer. The phone starts up and acts like it is working. When I dial it from other phones I get the message, “The person at extension … is unavailable.” The Zulu log looks good. When I try to dial from the softphone I hear the tones, and a click, but it doesn’t go through. Again the log looks like it should work.

The computer and the Freepbx box are on different subnets, but they are connected via a firewall and have full access to each other. No port forwarding, etc. is needed.

Is there code deep down in there that rejects a packet since it comes from another subnet, even though it did connect correctly.

The call list on the client works well and I can see all the calls that come into the pbx.

Check your general sip settings and ensure the data network is set as an internal network

That was a good idea, but unfortunately it did not help. It’s so strange. It seems it almost works.

Is there another setting? Obviously the firewall is no problem since they talk to each other.

This is the log when you try to call the softphone:

Received: '{“command”:“subscription”,“actionid”:43524,“type”:“call”,“data”:{“action”:“answered”,“callid”:“1492551314.15086”,“from”:{“calleridname”:“James”,“calleridnum”:“1012”},“callpop”:{“type”:"",“url”:""},“to”:“4500”,“image”:{“image”:"",“mime”:""}}}'
Received: '{“status”:true,“actionid”:56387,“reply”:“pong”}'
Received: '{“command”:“subscription”,“actionid”:43524,“type”:“call”,“data”:{“action”:“inbound”,“callid”:“1492551314.15086”,“from”:{“calleridname”:“James”,“calleridnum”:“1012”},“application”:"",“callpop”:{“type”:"",“url”:""},“to”:“4500”,“image”:{“image”:"",“mime”:""}}}'
Received: ‘{“status”:true,“actionid”:88149,“reply”:“pong”}’

This is the message when the softphone tries to call:

Received: '{“status”:false,“actionid”:24080,“message”:“Unknown”}'
Received: '{“command”:“subscription”,“actionid”:43524,“type”:“call”,“data”:{“action”:“hangup”,“callid”:“1492551407.15100”,“from”:{“calleridname”:“James”,“calleridnum”:“1012”},“callpop”:{“type”:"",“url”:""},“to”:“4500”,“image”:{“image”:"",“mime”:""}}}'
Received: '{“status”:true,“actionid”:46390,“reply”:“pong”}'
Received: '{“command”:“subscription”,“actionid”:43524,“type”:“call”,“data”:{“action”:“inbound”,“callid”:“1492551407.15100”,“from”:{“calleridname”:“James”,“calleridnum”:“1012”},“application”:"",“callpop”:{“type”:"",“url”:""},“to”:“4500”,“image”:{“image”:"",“mime”:""}}}'
Received: ‘{“status”:true,“actionid”:98500,“reply”:“pong”}’

Any ideas?

Thanks. James

More info - Freepbx is using chan_sip for SIP traffic. Does this affect this problem?

I have put the computer on the same subnet now and the softphone still works the same. Any ideas.

The best move may be to submit a commercial module ticket to https://support.sangoma.com They can look at it and see if it is some sort of bug in which case you can stop pulling your hair out, or a configuration issue.

I switched my phone from stable to beta and updated. Now it works!

Thanks for the responses though.