Zulu SMS Questions


I’m trying to wrap my head around TCO for this neat product. One area that’s not clear to me is SMS. I need a Zulu license and SIP station for sms functionality.

But what do I need to expect to be able to two-way sms? Do I just need a sms enabled inbound number, or do I also need a trunk? Anything else?

Thanks for the insight!


I want to present this as an option at a meeting on Tuesday, but I need to have a better idea of the trunk usage?

I emailed sales, but haven’t heard back yet. Understandable with the holidays. Any Zulu users or Sangoma peeps know the answer to this?

Zulu uses the SMS inside FreePBX which at this time is only support with SIPStation. SIPStation charges 1 penny per inbound and outbound SMS

Thanks Tony. So to confirm, I just need an inbound DID via SIPStation to be able to demonstrate this?

Thanks again!

Yes. That is correct

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