Zulu searching for contacts

I encounter some strange behaviour in searching for a contact in Zulu.
In PBXact there is an external group “customers”, which includes contacts w. phone numbers of our customers.

First problem: In Zulu I can search for the name of a customer and (after a while, when I search for the first time) I get the contact with number. But now, after a few days, I find the same contact entry a few times, not only once. In the external group, the contact exists only once.

Second: When I search for an extension, f.e. “waiting room” (which is f.e. ext. 111), then I get no results. When I search for 111, then I get the number. After clicking the number I get a view on the right side with the correct assigned name “waiting room”. NOW I can search for “waiting room” and now I find the extension.

When I do a “fwconsole zulu --reset”, then all the “search cache” is gone and starts at zero.

best regards

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