Zulu random disconnects

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Users are reporting that Zulu keeps disconnecting at random intervals. Sometimes the zulu client will disconnect and refuse to reconnect until you end the app and restart it. What is the best way to diagnose this problem? I also notice that many extensions appear several times when you do a “pjsip list contacts”:

Contact: 902836/sip:i19gusds@;transport= 0f5c6ddd2d Unavail nan
Contact: 902836/sip:o0igj6a5@;transport= c4e051c83c Unavail nan
Contact: 902836/sip:v3v6e41d@;transport= 3622e96440 Avail 101.707

Contact: 901227/sip:3tjgval6@;transport= 0ec2c46bdd Unknown nan
Contact: 901227/sip:8ssefigi@;transport= 08cd23b8b8 Unknown nan
Contact: 901227/sip:m5dlq2ae@;transport= d2fd96f9c2 Unknown nan
Contact: 901227/sip:to6dieve@;transport= 80eacea182 Unavail nan
Contact: 901227/sip:ulvmm8sl@;transport= 8c96679a69 Unavail nan

What causes this behavior? I would say that about 40% of clients show this. Where can we find information on why zulu is disconnecting from the server? Thanks.

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If you pay for Zulu licenses I would recommend creating a ticket for support.
I just went through this issue twice with @slobera and he was able to resolve it each time for us. Since Sergio’s help we’ve had zero issues with Zulu disconnecting and displaying the “Softphone reconnecting…” message

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