Zulu - QR codes for user logins (like at astricon)?

I hope this hasn’t been gone over too much, I have searched the forums but didn’t see a exact question like this. At Astricon we were all given a paper that had a zulu account on it, for the mobile users you could scan the QR code on the paper to setup the account in zulu mobile. Is this a feature that is currently being built into freepbx or zulu or is this something I would need to do on my own?

If it’s not built in I think it might be a great feature to have in the future. I did find this

But looking over it, it seems the QR code process may not be secure, though I am unsure if it is the QR code method, the app, or the code used to generate the QR code, I’d be very interested to know if it is secure or not to use a QR code for a login.

@fboyd The QR codes given out at Astricon are built into Zulu and available to Zulu users via their User Control Panel settings. These QR codes can only be used once before it’d have to be regenerated.

@GameGamer43 Awesome thank you! I didn’t see it in there yet so maybe I need to update my modules, I’ll give that a shot and check it out.

Hmm oddly I don’t have a zulu tab in the UCP, I have a xmpp tab where the zulu tab should be. I’ve uninstalled UCP, zulu, and xmpp, re-downloaded them and reinstalled them but still no zulu tab.

zulu                 | 
ucp                  | 


Zulu needs to be enabled for the user and fully licensed.

Hey Andrew,
Zulu is enabled for the user and it is fully licensed for 20 accounts. This system was originally a Freepbx distro 13 then upgraded to 14 using the upgrade script so I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. In any case what I just did was reinstalled zulu and ucp, then switched to edge version for the modules, and then the module manager said I had updates available for multiple items but I only updated framework, zulu, and xmpp all of which showed they were in the stable track, now the qr code generate option is available in ucp. Now the modules are at the following versions:

zulu                 | 
xmpp                 | 
framework            |
ucp                  |

Good evening,

I will report I have a similar issue. I’m not running the absolute latest Zulu, but am running a PBXact 400 fully licensed:

In the User Manager Module, I have a group configured with the following settings, and it is higher than other subsequent groups:

  • Zulu tab: Enabled = Yes
  • UCP tab: Zulu -> Enable Zulu Tab = Yes

Chris. You need to update your modules. This is only in the newest edge Zulu as are most Zulu features right now

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