Zulu presence not working?

I configured a Zulu client (soft phone option) and tried to change presence to “do not disturb”. In my FreePBX UCP settings the related user has presence set, and in the portal I have changed the presence setting for DND to have action DND. On the Zulu client the settings seems to follow the DND setting, but the status in FreePBX estension settings do not reflect DND and when a make a call to the extension the Zulu client is stil ringing. What did I miss ? I assume that Zulu does not use XMPP - as a matter of fact I do not see any XMPP signalling but only encrypted TCP traffic on port 8002.

Dnd for the phone is only triggered if you have a valid rest apps license (at this time)

And yes. Zulu does use xmpp. But it doesn’t not communicate over the xmpp protocols. Anyways our xmpp server does not support presence.

So XMPP is embedded into TLS (TCP port 8089) just as SIP is done for WebRTC. I was aware that XMPP in FreePBX does not support Presence, but hoped that Zulu client would do it, because it looks somehow silly that with a DND or unavailable Presence setting (with DND as action setting in UCP), that you phone is still ringing when you are called. Wherefore are these action settings in UCP used then ?

For this to work you must have a valid rest apps license and it must be running.

I have downloaded and installed the REST API module and enabled a user with REST API. According to “https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Asterisk+REST+Interface+Users+Module+User+Guide” I should enable REST API under General settings and then click “Asterisk REST Interface User” under Settings, bu neither of those are found on my system, even after restarting FreePBX. What am I missing ?

Rest api is not rest apps.

I didn’t find it first, but looks like Phone apps license is what you mean. Since it also requires end point manager, but only DIgiium, Sangoma and Yealink phones are supported by Phone apps, this is not a valid option for me.

Has anyone another suggestion to make Zulu presence having affect on calling the extension number, so that DND Presence on the Zulu client sopts calls to as well the linked IPphone and the Zulu softclient ?

This is the only way at this time.

Any chance with FreePBX 14 and Zulu 3.0 ? In my opinion a real UC solution should have some level of Presence integration between the phones and the client.

This is not currently in Zulu 3.0. Feature requests are the best way.