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Hi, I am new to this forum and also quite new to freepbx. We run a freepbx installationwith the two for free zulu client licenses. One issue I have is that in our company we have to dial prefix 0 if we want to dial out, like if I need to dial 0895424330 I need to dial 0 0895423330. Due to this, none of my Zulu browser plugin dials works instantly. is there a way how to set such a dial prefix for zulu. Or I am all wrong, and this needs to be set on freepbx server itself?

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Never really played with Zulu, but what dial patterns do you allow on your outbound route?

Our outbound pattern is 0. - it is required to dial a 0 prefix for outbound calls.

Try to place the 0 in the prefix section, that way you’ll send to your provider the correct number.

I don’t know of a way to get Zulu to rewrite the called number.

If your “company culture” permits, consider removing that requirement (most modern systems don’t use an initial 0). There are several benefits, not just for Zulu: Dialing the same as from a landline or mobile will reduce dialing errors. You’ll be able to return calls from a desk phone’s history (which now fail if the incoming caller ID does not have the extra 0). If your device permits, saving an incoming caller’s number as a Contact will work properly. Having the same format for called numbers and incoming caller ID makes it easier to sort / search / compare call records.

If the above is infeasible, you can set up your Outbound Route to check for the two extension numbers used for Zulu, routing those calls without the extra 0 prefix.

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