Zulu Phonebook (Desktop)

It seems like there is no phonebook integration in Zulu for pc.
Is that correct?
I was expecting to be able to look up contacts from the contact manager.
Am I missing something here?

Besides that when using the transfer button it does a blind transfer.
Is it also possible to do an attended transfer?

Hello there Benoit,

There’s no integration of Zulu and Contact Manager, (custom contacts) althought Contacts that are already on your pbx are searchable.

It is also possible to do attended transfer the workflow is the following:

  1. Ext A get a call (or makes a call) from/to ext B
  2. When the call between A and B is established, Ext A put the call on hold call B
  3. Ext A calls ext C
  4. Ext A click in the transfer icon …

These are super simply tests you can do playing with the UI, if you need more help, please contact Sangoma support, thanks.

If you have phoneapps then I do believe zulu interacts with the contacts on the phone system

Aha awesome, I was able to do an attended transfer with your description. Thank you so much for that!
What do you mean by " althought Contacts that are already on your pbx are searchable"?
That’s not very clear. Does that mean “extensions” only? What is the criteria?
Thank you.

Hello Benoit,

Extensions / users that you have on your pbx will be searchable, but custom contacts from Contactmanager module is not supported … does that make better sense?

Totally, thank you for the clarification. Would be nice if contact manager gets integrated in the future though!

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