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I’ve having some issues with a new Zulu install. My mobile app connects but then drops off if my phone goes it sleep. When I awaken my phone it tells me it can’t connect. When I check asterisk info for some reason I am seeing all of the IPs of my devices as

Endpoint: 90450/450 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 90450-auth/90450
Aor: 90450 100
Contact: 90450/sip:[email protected]:39830;transpo 931fbd86e9 Avail 63.491

In previous installs I see the WAN IP of the remote zulu device and not


This is normal with mobile. The mobile app cannot stay up and registered constantly; that would quickly drain the battery on your mobile device.

This is also normal with Zulu. Zulu uses SIP over WebSockets. In order to limit the number of ports that need to be exposed for Zulu, these requests are proxied via Zulu. So, from Asterisk’s point of view, the requests are coming from

If that was with Zulu 2 or older, then things are much different now.

This is not normal. You’ll need to open a support request at support.sangoma.com to get some help figuring out what’s going on here.

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