Zulu Outbound Calls Not Completing

We are having issues with outbound calls through Zulu. The calls start, with ringing starting on the recipient side. However, once ringing starts on the far side, the call is immediately hung up on. In logs, we can see a bridge start and then an immediate hangup.

Calls are being routed to another Asterisk machine from the one running Zulu through IAX2 and then out to the world via PRI.

Calls to other Asterisk extensions from Zulu have no problems, and Zulu is able to answer calls coming in through the same PRI/IAX2 path without issue. Calls from desktop phones and other softphone software products have no problems with outbound calls.

Has anyone seen this before or might someone have suggestions for us to check on?

Hello @drobinson

Does this happens with a particular number or with all numbers? does this happens on mobile or desktop?


It happens with all external numbers that I am aware of. We only use the desktop version of Zulu right now.

I have determined that this only happens with more recent versions of Zulu. Version 3.1.0 of Zulu is able to complete outbound calls without a problem.

I had a similar issue this AM that I think is resolved after setting a STUN server in General SIP Settings. Not sure if that applies to your issue, but I thought it’s worth mentioning.

Thanks for the suggestion; but we have no external IP addresses involved in this setup, so STUN should not be a factor.

Hello @drobinson

You should contact Sangoma tech support in order to do a better debugging on what is happening on your system

Update: Zulu 3.5 resolved the outbound calls issue for us.

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