Zulu not work....on Ios or Andorid

Asterisk 16.13.0

i can use Zulu on Desktop (Zulu Client: v3.5.2+215 on Windows 10) to call and receive, and also in UCP Panel via web !! but on Android or Ios i can only call. If i received a call after 1-3 second i have this notification :

zulu automatically ended a call for an account no longer registered on this device

If i enable debug on smarthpone i have :

{“2020-11-06T16:39:48.067Z”:"c5cad88b-b5ab-4aed-b366-fb396f14857f - NetConnectivity - checkPBXConnections - REGULAR PING - ",“2020-11-06T16:39:48.125Z”:“c5cad88b-b5ab-4aed-b366-fb396f14857f - PBXAccount - PingResponse - 58”,“2020-11-06T16:39:53.140Z”:"actions/sipaccount - processPN - invalid accountId - NetConnectivity - INCALL - ",“2020-11-06T16:39:53.165Z”:“actions/sipaccount - invalidAccountEndCall - reportEndCallWithUUID - c2e30a4f-3b40-568d-88c4-a44716fdc16d - mobileans88cfbed7-8f50-4d51-b26e-ab7bfbca199c.0”,“2020-11-06T16:39:58.076Z”:"c5cad88b-b5ab-4aed-b366-fb396f14857f - NetConnectivity - checkPBXConnections - REGULAR PING - ",“2020-11-06T16:39:58.138Z”:“c5cad88b-b5ab-4aed-b366-fb396f14857f - PBXAccount - PingResponse - 62”}

I tried to reset license
Reste token
delete and reinstall app
Change phone (Samsung S20 e Iphone 11 Pro Max)
Change Wifi
restart zulu server
reboot pabx

I opened a Ticket but Support is more interested to migrate on Sangoma Connect…i cannot use a normal siphone on 5060 port to all user, and Sangoma connect don’t have the same features. Now i consider a downgrade and a different \ normal sofphone !

Now i have a lot of people in smart working due to lock down in my country, so it’s a big problem… support can’t give me any ETA, it could be 2 weeks or more…
I need to buy more than 500 license. All test was ok last week, and now stop to work !!
Someone have the same problem ?

Forget about Zulu mobile and use Sangoma Connect: Sangoma Connect - General Availability

We can’t get port 5060 online. However, this is not the point, if Zulu is no longer supported, considering that it is currently on sale, Sangoma has the duty to resolve any problems, then it will be able to establish an end of sale and end support date. . . but all this not overnight.

Not sure what you mean by that.

The reality is Zulu mobile won’t get fixes anymore.
Use Sangoma Connect and you will also have a better user experience.
Switching over is not hard, if you need help setting it up feel free to ask here.

Sangona Connect use 5060 port , like other sip softphone (zoiper, bria…) Not recommended to open this up to untrusted networks… for Zulu port 8002, mire safe to open this up to untrusted networks as the traffic is encrypted with SSL and requires username and password authentication.

If i had to open 5060 i prefer choose a different softphone like zoiper…but why sell stil license if there is no support ??? This is not a professional service.

No. Sangoma Connect uses whatever bind port you use for PJSIP TCP in Asterisk SIP settings.
I assume you use port 5060 for UDP, then you can assign whatever port you want for tcp.

You can use the FreePBX responsive firewall to block undesired registration attempts or you wait until a Sangoma Connect update comes out that lets you use TLS, which is planned from what I have read.

The licenses are the same for both Sangoma connect and Zulu. The ones you purchased can be used for both.

However in my opinion Zulu is still better

One app in desktop and mobile,

SC not support chat, not support Tls, not support desktop sharing, files sharing…audio room created on the fly…

Users can install SC only on one phone at time

Use sip protocol, i can also change port, but is always sip… really my IT security team will never open pabx sip port to all world

I need an email account. I have a lot of business users like call center operatore without a business account and due to GDPR they cannot use a personal account

I need enable each user… i have more than 1000 users…
And so on…

Zulu mobile is being replaced, the desktop version will stay and is still supported.

i’m testing Sangoma Connect on mobile

It works fine, i changed TCP sip port and re-configured firewall

However I’m a little worried. Port 5060 udp sip is closed to the outside, but in any case also the TCP new port allows sip connections (of course knowing the password, to anyone …)

Sangoma Connect use Sip or Ucp password?

Another question, the list of IPs for push notifications as described here,


are all Americans?
there are no servers in Europe, I noticed latency times of about 100ms from Italy. I understand SC use proxy to push notification on mobile phone, i see IP sangoma on Asterisk cli…it works but another critical element…

I think it’s a Bug, with Sangoma Connect it is not possible to write very long data in CEL. The mysql varchar field for appdata is 255 characters, but much more information is written now. As a workaround I changed the value to 1000 in the mysql table

Example appdata:

PJSIP/111/sip:[email protected]:62800;transport=TCP;rinstance=EE317F28;x-ast-orig-host=[email protected]:65476;rinstance=599a9c83089b3bd0&PJSIP/287/sip:[email protected]:65476;rinstance=a2d14bb5ed7b70db&PJSIP/287/sip:[email protected]:65476;rinstance=868f73ee8207c257&PJSIP/287/sip:[email protected]:65476;rinstance=3682927c7f8244ac&Local/[email protected],HhtrIb(func-apply-sipheaders^s^1)

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