Zulu mobile

I installed zulu (the 2 users free license) and downloaded the zulu client on my pc and phone.

All fine on PC side, but on the android phone I cannot send or recieve sms (works perfectly fine on the PC client)

On the Android phone I get a message on the bottom of the screen saying “This user can’t recieve messages”

For the messages I have sent using the pc I see in the mobile app all the timestamps but not the text.

Anyone can help me out here?
I’m out of ideas!

Thank you,

Hi @paulgeanta
You should check below settings to have setup on your PBX.

  • SSL Certificate ( you can use Lets Encrypt )
  • System Admin HTTPS Setup, Allowed your SSL Certificate.
  • System Admin, Port Management Activate HTTPS Ports ( GUI and UCP )
  • User Manager, Groups allow for your user Zulu Access.
  • Check PBX Firewall, Zulu settings to allowed Internet / Local / Other
  • Try to login via HTTPS://FQDN name to your PBX.

You can check below wiki page.

All those are good. In fact I had a wildcard certificate that gave me troubles and I replaced it with lets encrypt. the certificate will cause problems at login.

all is good and I can send sms through the pc client. the mobile client however has a problem.

Hi @paulgeanta
Good to hear you fixed your PBX SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt.
You can check your SSL certificate with below CLI command.

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect FQDN:8002

Unfortunately Zulu Mobile Does Not supports SMS yet.

That explains why it’s not working :slight_smile: and that was the only reason I had installed it. To be able to send sms and get rid of all my celphones besides one google fi :frowning:

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