Zulu Mobile on Android DTMF not passing through

(United States) #1

Latest updates on FreePBX, Asterisk 16 or 17, tried both, Zulu version
When trying to dial *97 or *98 for voicemail, only the first dialed digit is making it through. Watching the logs if i dial *98 then enter my extension 150, it will search for mailbox 1. Same thing trying any other numbers, it will only grab the 1st digit. When calling in from the desktop Zulu app or a hard phone, it works fine.

(Angel Velasquez) #2

Hello @drracing07 The version 1.0.9 will include a fix for this, we will be releasing it soon

(United States) #3

Good to know. Is there an ETA for this? Also, any beta version that I could try out as well?

(Angel Velasquez) #4

No, no ETA yet, but soon.