Zulu Mobile on Android can call extensions, DID, but not outside numbers. No audio on any calls

I’ve successfully set up the Zulu server and installed the app on an Android phone. Have logged in with credentials as well. Everything up to this point seems to be good.

I then call my desk’s extension # using the app on the mobile phone and the desk phone auto-answers as programmed for intercom calls. No audio in either direction.

Calling the desk phone from the Zulu Mobile app to a DID number, the deskset rings, I answer and still no audio either way. (also, Zulu on my PC shows the incoming call as well)

Called another cell # from the Zulu App on the mobile phone and the phone indicates it is calling, there is no ringing audio and eventually the call times out. When I call the cell via my carrier service instead of Zulu it rings, they answer and confirm that it never rang on their end earlier.

Any ideas on where to begin the troubleshooting campaign for this?

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