Zulu mobile ios still rings when set to DND or unavailable

I have iphone 11 pro most recent software.
Zulu on the phone works well. The issue is that if I change the setting to DND or unavailable, the calls still go to that extension. How can I stop this without removing the user every time?
also when the call is picked up on another extension, the phone still rings. It is quite annoying.

Perhaps this is because I have more than 15 extensions in my ring group?

The only way to stop my mobile from ringing is removing it from the ring group or deleting the account off of the Zulu app. there has got to be a better way.

I saw others with these issues, but no solution.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi ! If you enable DND on your Zulu mobile and then you type this on the CLI:

asterisk -rx 'database show DND'

Can you see your extension there ?

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Yes, I do see the extension there. I know that a tech support person from a company that installs the sangoma devices opened up a ticket for this ringing issue.
Also, When I log into zulu, my extension does not show up on fop2 for webrtc device, only ucp will show that the extension is live.

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