Zulu Mobile - Does not stop ringing

I know there are issues with Zulu Mobile and notifications, it seems like none of our mobile devices will not stop ringing when the call is picked up elsewhere (such as the desk phone). Unless it times out at the mentioned one minute mark. Even after that sometimes to started to ring again for the same call that was already hung up

Going off this: https://community.freepbx.org/t/zulu-mobile-apps-occasionally-ring-constantly
It should at least work half the time.

Looking for the best way to try and troubleshoot. this. Happens on both Android and iOS

Maybe this has to do with all our handsets using chan_sip (there are other reasons we stick with this old protocol)

Any thoughts would be great, for now I have to look for another solution. Be nice to get this working.

I have only tested Zulu on iOS, but I experience the same with PJSIP.

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