Zulu Mobile client: Native dialer takes over

I have installed Zulu 3 Mobile client from the Beta stream on an Android V9 (Oppo Reno Z).
When I receive a call from another extension, the native phone app shows the incoming call correctly with the extension number. I can answer the call however I can’t hold or transfer. I need to use the app selector and switch to Zulu, then I manage the call.

Similar when I initiate a call from the Zulu mobile client, the moment the call rings the other extension the native dialer takes over. Again, I can switch back, but obviously painful.

Is there a setting somewhere that allows the Zulu client to keep the master of the call, i.e. remain in/return to the foreground
Any tips welcome.

I believe this is by design, so it functions just like your carrier. It would be nice to have it decoupled, so you could use it like a softphone, rather than an actual phone.

I just tested it on my Samsung Note 8 and you can’t make or receive calls unless it has call dialing permissions. Because it is operating the dialer, you’re stuck using the phones dialer initially. Might be a feature request you can submit and maybe that is something they will do in the future.


Hi Chris,

I don’t mind it using the native dialer on incoming. I have seen some UC client do this (Samsung, Mitel) however about 1-2 secs into the call the UC client comes to the foreground and takes over presenting a nice hold and transfer interface. Zulu stays in the background and you need to “drag” it forward.

Is it worth raising a feature request?


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