Zulu Mobile Call Issue


Asterisk: 16.13.0

Zulu mobile was working just fine before. I don’t believe anything changed on the server, but all of a sudden I cannot complete calls through the Zulu app. The only changes I can think of was a round of updates, and I’m not sure which updates may have been applied. I have uninstalled the app on the phone (iPhone 14.3), deleted the Zulu user completely, and gone as far as restarting the entire phone server. I also removed the user from all groups, and individually assigned Zulu under the user. Any call I try, even to the PBX, fails. I tried *60 for speaking clock and it fails. Here is the log that I downloaded from the Zulu app. Nothing seems to jump out at me for the failure. I am testing a 2 user license on this server and this is the same issue on both. Leads me to think it’s something on the server. I double checked that the ws and wss protocols are still enabled.

Any advice?

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For Zulu mobile you will either need to create a support ticket or switch to Sangoma Connect (other 3rd Party Clients are available). There has been no updates to Zulu mobile for around 6mths and unlikely to be any as SC is the new mobile client.

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