Zulu Mobile Apps Occasionally Ring Constantly

We use Zulu UC 3 and have had the iOS and Android apps since they were first released in beta and quite regularly they don’t stop ringing even if the call is answered. It will ring indefinitely unless we answer the app (which is a dead line) or deny the call.

We use call queues and have Sangoma deskphones with on-site UC60.

Real world example would be that three of us are in a queue…a call enters our queue and all three desk phones ring and shortly after the apps ring on our phones (iOS and Android). One guy picks up the call with his desk phone and the desk phones stop ringing for the other two but all (or sometimes just some) of the apps continue to ring. Sometimes they don’t continue to ring. This is especially annoying if I’m not in the office but my app keeps ringing and I have no way of telling if the call was answered by someone else or I’m not near my phone and find out it’s been ringing for an hour.

It baffles me. We’re as up to date as we can be (no new updates as of this morning for either PBXact, modules, or the Apps).

Any help would be amazing!

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That’s the reason, why I uninstalled Zulu on my Iphone 2 weeks ago. Otherwise Zulu would be a very useful app…but currently it is still beta…

The Zulu Mobile team is aware of some issues with the reliability of push notification delivery around phone calls. Due to some recent changes in the mobile platforms, our notifications that would cause your phone to stop ringing are sometimes delayed, causing a much longer ring than expected.

The development team is currently working on a release that will alleviate this symptom through several means, including a simple timer that will stop ringing within 1 minute of the inbound call, even if all other methods fail. Moving forward, you should see a significantly improved reliability of ringing ceasing as soon as you answer the phone, but we’re also going to ensure that there’s no way Zulu’s ringing will go on long enough to drain your battery.

At this time, there is no ETA on release, as there are server and app portions, but every update to each platform should see improvements for the user.

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@Charles_Darwin Zulu has been out of beta since October 2019. The app is now public and in the stores.

Thanks, but when a mobile app does not stop ringing…it is not useable. Yet, it seems to be mainly a problem of iOS 13. Apple deactivates apps in the background in a very brutal way…just to tell people that the battery lasts xx hours. Tim Cook isn’t Steve Jobs…he is just interested in $s…hopefully he gets replaced soon!

Zulu desktop and mobile are great apps…I like them very much, but a problem like this has to be fixed within weeks…a phone which does not stop ringing, not even after 5min, is very, very annoying :wink:

EDIT: by the way…I just installed another new iOS update (13.3) and now my Iphone 11 works for the first time. When did Apple introduce the Iphone 11? This never happened, when Jobs was in charge! Now, I can see new emails, when I open the app without any wipes for reloading…finally :wink:
So maybe Zulu mobile works now too?

Glad to hear this is forthcoming. Where can I post to request a feature that was removed? Once again I’d like to be able to disconnect or mute my account - such as when sleeping. If someone calls the queue overnight my account rings and I can’t stop it.

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