Zulu Mac - getting Invalid Response From Server

Zulu was working until latest module update to I’m running FreePBX version The app running on a Mac is version 2.1.0. Zulu shows to be running the log file doesn’t give me much to work with i’m hoping someone else can tell me what the following means.

[2017-04-02 22:12:07:0467] [error] Main Process: (Process Type: browser, Memory Info: {“workingSetSize”:100084,“peakWorkingSetSize”:0,“privateBytes”:72660,“sharedBytes”:93912}) - {}

Please open a Zulu ticket at issues.freepbx.org and provide your Zulu client logs. You can find more information about finding these logs at http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ZU/Retrieving+Log+Files