Zulu licensing

Sorry if this has been gone over before, but imo there needs to be some other options for zulu licensing other than the 2 free users licensing and 20 user license packs. I have a base of customers that have under 20 users, (also a large amount that have more than 20) and I can’t see them purchasing a 20 user license for 10 users. I could see them buying a 10 pack for 8 users, that would be fine but not a 20 pack. For customers that have more than 20 this isn’t really an issue, but for under 20 the licensing model is holding zulu back from getting to these users. Are there any plans to offer single user licenses in the future or maybe 5 or 10 pack licenses? I’d just rather not see the business lost to bria or similar when zulu is so much better.
Or another thing that would really help would maybe be the ability to split licenses among deployments in groups of 5 or 10. Then I could still purchase 20 packs but use them as needed.

We have no plans at this time. Seriously 20 users for 200 is cheaper then Bria as a softphone and Zulu is much more then a softphone. To be honest we should be charging 50.00 a user for this. Your going to see pricing changes come in time as Zulu has been adding so many new features and even more coming.

I can totally agree that 50.00$ a license would be worth it - if it were perpetual. My point is that some people just don’t want to buy 20 licenses if they don’t need 20 licenses. I guess it’s really their loss

Well it would not be perpetual. No way 50.00 would be enough to let you have software that you can use forever with all the features we are adding and do on a daily basis. When I was saying 50.00 a user I was referring to yearly. Now will it go to 50 a user per year doubtful but pricing will be going up in the future.

Zulu is only offered in a yearly renewal option. For the last couple years any new commercial features in FreePBX that we have added are only available in yearly payment option and how things will be moving forward.

Current MSRP on Zulu for FreePBX is 20 seats for 199 per year, so that breaks down to $9.99 per seat. In your example Zulu for 8 users would average $24.87. Zulu offers that price for desktop licenses, and now includes Android and IOS apps as well. The last time I looked at Bria or Bria stretto licenses we’re per device. So the pricing for Zulu is pretty economical for all the different ways we allow you to connect.

Its great that you are keen to add more and more features but if the prices go up too much you might alienate the users who just want a fully supported softphone/mobile app for FreePBX.

Maybe one price doesn’t fit all for Zulu. Maybe explore having a “Zulu Basic” package and a “Zulu Feature Rich” Package that costs an additional fee.

Just to be clear right now we don’t have a decision or plan on changing pricing but overtime something will change and feedback from our partners will be taken in account when that time comes.

@steve_pbuk @fboyd if you are reselling Zulu to your end users and you have not already considered it you should look at two things, first is our Partner Program which would allow you additional margins for resale. And secondly take a look at PBXact licensing for your end users. PBXact licensing includes Zulu, and is very competitively priced for a commercially supported UC solution. In most cases it makes more economic sense to utilize PBXact for your commercial clients. I will be happy to get you in touch with Account Managers based in your region to assist with deciding if either of these directions are a good fit for you.

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