Zulu: Installation for All Users

Click to Dial from Browser, Outlook, and a LOB application if we can make it work. Also they have a list of contacts that they want centrally stored so they can get screen popping integration and also they want to be able to do fuzzy searches on that central contacts list from their CTI app. It’s a desktop companion type requirement. I’ll take a look at Outcall.

Just Googled OutCall with no other context - got results for massage services in London. Schoolboy error.


FYI, when I tested, a few months ago, the Zulu 3 client will not screen pop unless the softphone is turned on and the agent answers via the softphone. Zulu 2 used to allow popup without the softphone pickup, which was nice. We submitted a feature request to have that functionality added back.


I don’t have any experience with Zulu… we use Yealink T46G desk phones. I do know that OutCall pops up when I get a call, and I can place calls from it; it just rings my extension, and when I pick up, it rings the destination. :slight_smile:

Just noticed this in the Release notes for the Zulu 3.2.0 Alpha:


[ZD-1314] - Unhandled exception on second Zulu instance start

I assume that this is a fix for the issue I have.

I wish all software developers listen this intently to their users!

@Harkernator, We are always listening to feedback and trying to improve things, so hopefully this fixes your issue but if not, we definitely want to know about it.

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