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Good morning,

I have installed the free 2-user license for Zulu UC at the weekend. We are currently looking to switch to 3cx and are trialling a system. I was very excited to see the forthcoming mobile client for Zulu (disappointed it’s not available yet) as we have found a couple of bugs and a few features of 3cx which the team here aren’t going to like :frowning:

Anyway, whats the best forum to ask questions about Zulu? Information and documentation seems a little sparse and to be honest, I found the desktop client a little confusing in it’s design.

I had a couple of initial things that “concerned” me…

  1. When I dial any number from the Zulu desktop client, call progress tones are US ignoring the setting in FreePBX

  2. When dialling any number from the Zulu desktop client, there is a significant delay (during which those US call-progress tones are played) before the remote number seems to be dialled - no such delay with Zoiper/Bria etc or the deskphone.

  3. We have a number of headsets with call control - none of which seem to work with the desktop client, specifically - Sennheiser DW30 Pro 2, Logitech and Sennheiser CTRL-30 wired headsets. Does the Zulu desktop client support call control from headsets?

  4. Any idea on the delivery of the mobile clients - this is the main reason for looking at a UC solution (whichever vendor it comes from)


I’m suffering same issues :tired_face:

I have to face an installation with zulu, and have same problems. Hope to get a solution.


Zulu is a commercial module and therefore you can get support through the commercial support system. Which is included in your purchase.

Andrew, thanks for your full and comprehensive reply. I was unaware that the 2-user (free) version of Zulu UC had commercial support availability. I looked in my support portal but was unable to determine how to open a support case.

I was hoping that the community would rally around something as exciting as integrated IM, a full-featured mobile client etc - but I guess not.

Opening the ZULU desktop client, the user is presented with a very pretty but very confusing UI. I can find limited documentation on Sangoma’s web site or indeed, anywhere else.

Charging for user licenses feels like a poor joke. From what I can figure out, Zulu 3 UC is barely a prototype. No information on WHEN a mobile client will make an appearance etc. It’s impossible to recommend this product to customers.

I’m still using Zulu 2 because of Zulu 3 being too new. Its not as pretty but it works most of the time. Zulu 3 just released so I’m giving it 3-6 months to get out of beta. Still Zulu 3 looks very nice I just wish they flagged it as beta instead of a final release.

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is this how commercial module work?

free support? the last time i only get free update and i have to buy hours if i want support.

Commercial modules include free support for setup and bug related issues. As outlined in our ToS.

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This ^^^

Well Zulu 3 was beta for 6 months before it went stable. It went stable after everyone on Beta said it was working well. Not sure what more we could of done. It past all of our internal test and we have thousands of users on it who are not having the issues a few here are having.

Well, as one of the “few” I’ll take my 120 users and get out of the way then. I said I had a couple of teething problems - mainly to do with US progress tones (the delay in dialling is much more noticeable when the progress tones switch to UK when the call finally gets dialled) and the response from Sangoma staff was hardly very helpful.

I wanted to test Zulu since 3cx is my only other real option for a unified IM/voice pathway for the installation - and God knows 3cx has it’s issues!

But things have changed around here… a little too corporate, too little passion.

I realise Zulu is a commercial product - but if you look at the enthusiasm of the FreePBX guys on the forum… it’s a shame anyone looking at Zulu doesn’t find the same enthusiasm or support.

I’ve said my piece - I couldn’t (in it’s current state) think of deploying Zulu 3. I haven’t seen or used previous incarnations so couldn’t comment.

Wish the guys success with the product moving forwards… the mobile clients could make this a real head-turner in the industry and I’ll definitely be looking to play with the product again in a few months. :slight_smile:

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Hi tonyclewis,

I have recently purchased a 20 users license. Where can I get free support for bug related issues?


https://support.sangoma.com under commercial module section.

So little passion that I replied to this thread in the middle of a National Park in the United States in the middle of a vacation with limited cell phone coverage in an attempt to get you the help you desired from our very awesome support staff. You wouldn’t have known why I replied with a concise and direct answer to all of your issues but my point is let’s leave the assumptions at home. I am sorry It was not very comprehensive and I am sorry you feel this way about the project. I will refrain from making these types of passionless comments in the future, however, there’s plenty of passion in this project. The fact that I am passionately replying to this thread at 12:27am after just getting home from vacation proves that, one would hope.

Here are your answers:

  1. Call progress tones are us only at this time. We have no work tickets to fix this Because no one has requested this feature. You can open tickets through support or the issue tracker above… Tones are not obtained from freepbx. No worries. I’ll open the work ticket on this for you.

  2. Zulu can not be compared to Bria and zoiper in that Bria and zopier use SIP signaling over tcp/udp. Zulu uses sip signaling over webrtc. The reasoning for this is to have better nat. Sometimes this causes delays. However it can be worked around (speed up)

  3. it does not support call control headsets. Will open a ticket on that for you.

  4. if you contacted support you could have been part of the beta which is ongoing

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I’m only replying because I enjoy the passion both of you are displaying in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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