Zulu has multiple duplicate contacts

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(Carlos Chavez) #1

I just noticed that when I search for a contact or list all contacts within Zulu (latest version 3) I get 3 or 4 duplicate contacts. Not all extensions are duplicated but most are. Where can I check this? Where does Zulu pull the contact list from? I include a couple screen shots.

(Itzik) #2

If no one answers here, contact support


This one is definitely a bug I think. I’ve had similar issues.

I managed to fix it by exporting all contacts with the bulk handler. deleting all contacts and then reimporting them.

For the internal extensions, I had to export all users, delete them, and then re-import them. bare in mind you will have to add passwords to the csv after you export them. and also re-setup an groups and permissions you had set.

Bit a of a bitch workaround but hey… support for the commercial modules is killer for something simple like this. Maybe I’ll submit a bug…


Also tried contact manager, user manager and zulu on the edge track. no difference.

(Dave Burgess) #5

You should document it and include your work-around. While it doesn’t point out the root cause, it could give the techs something to work with to reproduce the problem.


I submitted a commercial support ticket and they basically said “use the alpha versions or wait for the stable release of desktop app 3.3.0”.