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I have posted on here before about Zulu and problems we are having, with new install using the latest Distro (As16 & FreePBX15).

We have change the default SSL Cert for a fully registered Lets Encrypt SSL cert. Via System Admin, that working fine. But we still are getting problem connecting the Zulu acount

We’ve gone through the setting we can find, but nothing seems to have corrected this issue. Where do we go to get some help?


I hate to be the “did you try turning it off and on again” guy, but try restarting Zulu (fwconsole pm2 --restart zulu).

Where do we go to get some help?

Issues with Zulu can be reported to https://support.sangoma.com/. Sangoma support staff should be able to help you out.


above is the cert for the site

Please setup a default certificate in Certificate Manager for the softphone functionality to work

^^ After you get certs straightened out and get login working, you’ll have to fix this issue to be able to make calls with Zulu Desktop or Zulu Mobile.

Sorry but this may sound stupid, you’re saying use a separate default self-cert for the soft phone ?


Sorry but this may sound stupid, you’re saying use a separate default self-cert for the soft phone ?

No, not stupid. Certificates are always complicated.

That message shows when Zulu cannot determine the default certificate for your system (which it uses for DTLS/WebRTC to support the softphone). To set the default certificate, you click the cell in the “Default” column next to the cert you want to make the default. Then a green check mark will appear. See the wiki for more info.

Because of how changing the default certificate affects the Asterisk config, you may have to re-run fwconsole ma install zulu and fwconsole reload to get the change to take effect.

The “default cert” may or may not be the same cert that Apache uses for HTTPS, which is configured in sysadmin.

yep done all of that but still not working, on cell phones, Zulu on desktop works but only using desktop device,

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma install zulu and fwconsole reload
Updating tables zulu_interactions_interaction_states, zulu_softphones, zulu_tokens, zulu_interactions_contacts, zulu_interactions_interactions, zulu_interactions_owners, zulu_interactions_members, zulu_interactions_streams, zulu_interactions_stream_bodies, zulu_interactions_stream_links, zulu_interactions_stream_actions, zulu_login_tokens, zulu_mobile_tokens…Done
Installing/Updating Required Libraries. This may take a while…The following messages are ONLY FOR DEBUGGING. Ignore anything that says ‘WARN’ or is just a warning
npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: Package no longer supported. Contact [email protected] for more info.
Installed npm-cache v0.7.0
Running installation…
[npm-cache] [INFO] using /home/asterisk/.package_cache as cache directory
[npm-cache] [INFO] [composer] Dependency config file /var/www/html/admin/modules/zulu/node/composer.json does not exist. Skipping install
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] config file exists
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] cli exists
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] hash of /var/www/html/admin/modules/zulu/node/package.json: 9fd2861eafc72195dee2cd05d2a1050b
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] cache exists
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] clearing installed dependencies at /var/www/html/admin/modules/zulu/node/node_modules
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] …cleared
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] retrieving dependencies from /home/asterisk/.package_cache/npm/5.6.0/9fd2861eafc72195dee2cd05d2a1050b.tar.gz
[npm-cache] [INFO] [bower] Dependency config file /var/www/html/admin/modules/zulu/node/bower.json does not exist. Skipping install
[npm-cache] [INFO] [npm] done extracting
[npm-cache] [INFO] successfully installed all dependencies

Finished updating libraries!
Stopping old running processes…Stopping Zulu Server
Stopped Zulu Server
Migration from XMPP was done previously
Starting new Zulu Process…Starting Zulu Server…
Started Zulu Server. PID is 1443
Started with PID 1443!
Generating CSS…Done
Module zulu version successfully installed
Unable to install module and:

  • Cannot find module
    Unable to install module fwconsole:
  • Cannot find module
    Unable to install module reload:
  • Cannot find module
    Updating Hooks…Done
    Chowning directories…Done

also when go into UCP node you get the following errors


This UCP error usually indicates that you don’t have the necessary ports open.

EDIT: See link, make sure you have the ports for ZULU and UCP open (you can allow it only from your network)


These are two separate commands. Run fwconsole ma install zulu, and then when that’s done run fwconsole reload.

This could be because the ports aren’t open, but could also be because the browser is rejecting the certs used by the UCP Node.js app. It could be suffering the same fate as Zulu Mobile.

You can use a cert checking website like https://www.digicert.com/help/ to check your server on both ports 8001 (UCP) and 8002 (Zulu). If your server isn’t publicly accessible, you can run openssl s_client -showcerts -connect <host>:<port> < /dev/null to show the details of the certs being served up on both of those ports.

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