Zulu firefox extension disabled

Not sure if anyone is aware of this but the firefox extension is not available anymore at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zulu-firefox-plugin/ the chrome addon is still available though.

I have the XPI available from an old install, and as of now it still works. That said, I won’t offer it as it is unwise to download and install extensions from random sources. If you do have an install with the XPI, you should be able to extract it and reinstall it manually for the time being, although it will likely block firefox from using it’s new multi-process architecture.

We are aware that the firefox addon is not currently available in the Mozilla add-ons marketplace as it is currently undergoing some changes. At this point, we don’t have an ETA for when it will be back in the marketplace but hope to have the issue resolved soon.

Great, hopefully will see it back soon. I just have a user that simply refuses to use chrome for some unknown reason, no big deal at the moment, I just was not sure if anyone was aware it was gone.

We do to. The issue is Firefox policy that a plugin can’t be offered if it requires another app that is not the plugin itself to work. In the case of Zulu Firefox plugin it requires the Zulu desktop for it to provide any function and that violates Firefox policy so they removed it.

We have a solution but it’s not top priority. We are trying to get Zulu softphone stable right now and some major UI improvements along with screen sharing and Zulu mobile out the door. Once those are completed we will get back to this.

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Awesome! I’d much rather see the next stage of the softphone rather than the firefox extension first, thanks for the reply Tony! :smiley: