Zulu desktop notifications

(Thomas Oates) #1

Hi, we’re in the process of implementing Zulu Desktop to replace our existing use of Skype for Business that is going away later this year. Everything seems to work well except for notifications. We get notification popups for new messages but the notifications disappear after a few seconds. If you are away from your desk for a bit or not looking at your screen for a minute, you could miss the notification and not know someone sent a message until you manually open Zulu Desktop.
I found a similar thread from last year that resulted in the addition of having the Zulu button flash and that works if you have Zulu minimized but it doesn’t work if you click the X to ‘close’ (it doesn’t actually close, it minimizes to the task area with the clock).

Has anyone figured out a way around this? I don’t think telling my users to click to minimize Zulu instead of clicking the X to ‘close’ it will work very well since everyone (me, included) is accustomed to clicking the ‘X’.

Thanks in advance!


With Zulu active, drag the taskbar icon to the leftmost position (for example). Right-click and pin it to the taskbar. Then, just type Win-1 (hold Windows key and press 1) to show or minimize it.

If it’s minimized, Win-1 will bring it onscreen and give it the focus. If onscreen but without the focus, Win-1 will give it the focus. If it has the focus, Win-1 will minimize it.

Of course, if you are already doing this with more important apps, use position 2 or 3, etc.

IMO, the present Zulu app wastes a lot of screen area and Sangoma should offer an optional “compact view”. I believe that 250,000 pixels is sufficient to display all important info in a readable format. This is only 3% of the area of a 4K monitor and nearly all users would leave it up all the time. If you have two 2K monitors, it’s still only 6% and IMO many users would choose to have it always displayed.

Someone with a single 2K monitor would probably not dedicate 12% of their (small) screen area to Zulu; they should consider getting a better display.



I have no idea why they (Sangoma) did not write an HTML app, a hybrid of the UCP and Zulu… Zulu appears very heavy on port usage back to the PBX (which raises the point, why they didnt use the VPN tunnel to make connections real simple).

HTML, CSS, PHP and Ajax would likely all have done the same thing in a browser, if they then wanted cross platform support, have an “app” that encloses the same HTML platform on Android and iOS platforms.

With a browser app the Windows 10 notifications system would have handled most of the alerts from the browser. This is what altn.com (Mdaemon email server) does with regards its own chat app which is integrated to the browser, although they other ports for some comms as they use open source methods alot).

(Tony Lewis - https://bit.ly/2SbDAyc) #4

Have you looked at what Zulu desktop app is. It’s just electron which is exactly what you just described. https://www.electronjs.org/


Web based apps are just that “web based” so why is Zulu using all manor of special ports when it could have been served from 443 only, if they needed other ports then use 443 and obtain the data over that port, i am however well aware there “maybe” an issue using sockets on Android and iOS devices, ive not completed enough research, but it could of all been done over a single port (either by http or a written app that uses a single standard port).

(Thomas Oates) #6

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Unfortunately, I’m still at a loss for how to get around the original issue.
Does anyone from Sangoma read these forums? I submitted a feature request about a month ago but haven’t gotten any response to it yet.