Zulu Desktop for the Desktop Users and Sangoma Connect for Mobile?

After my disappointing experience with FOP2 WebRTC, I am looking at Zulu Desktop for the Desktop/Hardphone users and Sangoma Connect for the Mobile Users.

Does this make sense as a production setup? Is there a Sangoma Connect Desktop coming down the pike?

In playing with it tonight, the documentation for both ZD and SC say that 1:1 Video calls are supported - You can initiate the call in either direction, and ZD gets both sides of the video, but SC only get’s the audio - even though it’s sending video properly - is this a firewall misconfiguration or not working yet?

I am trying for the Desktop and Remote-Desktop users to have a single program to run and interact with the system, but I know since the Video comes up, they are going to ask about it.

Ryan from Sangoma answered my question this morning - Yes, this is the supported and suggested configuration until Sangoma Connect Desktop (or whatever they name it) get’s released.

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