Zulu connectivity issue on WAN

Zulu will only work on LAN. When on WAN Zulu will call the extension on LAN but not connect. Phone/app says connectivity issues. If I connect laptop or iPhone to company/router VPN both act as they should. This makes me certain it’s a firewall issue.

I have port forwarded 80,84,443, 5060,5160, 8002, 8089 TCP, 10000-20000 UDP to the PBXact. Responsive Firewall is on for PBXact. I am using a LetsEncrypt certificate and Zulu can connect on WAN side.

PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.8-2008-1.sng7
Asterisk Version:16.11.1

I have Sangoma support contract but can’t open a ticket because I have no credits. ?? I did pay $450 this week to get support contract but minutes are up I guess.

Try adding a STUN server in your Asterisk SIP settings


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