Zulu Client for Outlook 2016

I have taken the “Test Licence” for 2 Zulu Users and have installed the Zulu Windows Client without any problem and everythink works fine. Then I also want to install the Outlook 2016 PlugIn but cannot find one. Theres is only one for Outlook 2010 or 2013 or for Office 365 (With Outlook 2016).
But I dont have Office 365. I only have a Office 2016 (Outlook 2016) on my Desktop PC.
So how can I download this PlugIn ?
Thanks for Help

If you are using the zulu beta, you can go to the about section and install the outlook add in from there

The issue here is Microsoft Office 2016 no longer has plugin support. They now call them Add Ons and they can only be done through office365 account. This is not a Zulu issue but how MS now requires al Plugin/Add Ons to be added.

Hey Tony, thanks for your Info
So will there be a solution for Outlook 2016 an Zulu in the future ?

Hey jfinstrom
Please can you point me a Link where I can download the zulu beta.


I thought I was very clear. We have a add on. You have to install it from office 365. That is a requirement of MS for 2016 or newer. It’s not anyrhjg Zulu can solve for you. Go get a office 365 account.

Hey Tony
so, for using the Zulu Add on (or to trying it) I have to make a new outlook.com account (what I don’t need, thanks MS :-).
On my Outlook 2016 (which is connected to my own Exchange Server) I make an connection to my new outlook.com account.
After that I can add the Zulu add on without problem. So far so good.

But the problem is that the Zulu Add on only comes up when I select the outlook.com account. When I want to use my contacts with my exchange account it is not reachable.
any Ideas what i can try?


I have the same issue. There is no resolution to it at the moment unless your email server is configured to work as an exchange, and not a pop3/imap account.

Did the outlook add-in go away with Zulu 3?