Zulu chat stuck on "Connecting"

I setup Zulu over the weekend (2 user license to start). I can connect, I can make calls outside, everything looks good. Chat just seems to stay “Connecting” forever.
Mac Client version 2.1.6
Zulu server version

Thoughts? I am only internal for now, so ports should be fine.

I had the same thing.

I checked my firewall logs and noticed that inbound UDP port 8000 had been blocked by the firewall.
I use zonealarm and in Advanced Firewall Settings:Advanced Settings:Trusted Zone had to add ‘Allow Incoming UDP ports: 8000’

Thanks for the reply. I went in to check this, and I am working now. I’m not sure what the change was, but it is working now.

Did you make the firewall changes to your chat computer, or your server?