Zulu Chat is buggy on my system

Hi, I’ve got Zulu running, setup a few users and everything works fine except for Chat. FreePBX is up to date except for Sip Station ( and Core (

  1. No tray popups when receiving chat messages (I have the box checked in Zulu Config)
  2. in order to see new messages, i sometime have to switch between tabs in Zulu
  3. Messages sometimes never arrive
  4. After a reboot of FreePBX, I had to manually start XMPP via: fwconsole restart xmpp

Can you recommend some steps I can take to remedy this? Should I reinstall Zulu?


If this is windows 10 they made breaking changes to their notification system

It is, so no fix for now?


How far along is 3? Can I try out the Beta?

Zulu 3 is currently in a private beta but we aren’t too far off from a public beta to allow more people to see and try what the team has built.

Great, looking forward to it.

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