Zulu can't connect - stuck at Connecting, please stand by

We have had Zulu connect before, it now isn’t connecting over WAN or LAN.

FreePBX version -
Asterisk version - 13.19.1
I have 22 Zulu licenses, 12 are being used.
Zulu is enabled for the users in user management
Zulu in the Firewall is set to internet and local
Port 8002 is forwarded in my router and that’s the port in my Zulu client config. (in the firewall settings it says “Single Port: 8089”, is that an issue?)
Zulu Daemon is running

I tried looking at error logs by running fwconsole pm2 --log zulu in a command prompt. That just returned a jumbled list of contacts and nothing else.

A few weeks ago I did have some issues with my let’s encrypt cert and I saw one other thread noting that might have something to do with this. Because of my previous issues with Let’s Encrypt I’m concerned about deleting the cert and reinstalling on a whim. Should that be my first step? If so, do I just click the “delete” icon next to the cert then create a new one? Is it that easy?

I’ve done some more troubleshooting with no luck.

  • Deleted and reinstalled new Let’sEncrypt. Set new cert to default. Installed new cert in HTTPS settings
  • ran fwconsole chown
  • Restarted server
  • Confirmed running Asterisk 13
  • Set WebRTC in firewall to “Local” and “Internet” (it was on “reject”)
  • Confirmed Zulu is enabled for user in UCP, confirmed licenses are available
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled client on Windows 7 machine
  • Changed PBX Address in Zulu configuration to local machine address (Zulu client is on same LAN as server)

When I reload FreePBX I get the message “RestApps is not licensed”. From my googling, this seems to be a bug. I’m not sure if that affects Zulu, but my Sangoma phones and EM are working fine.

Still can’t get Zulu to connect.

This is a commercial module and as such you get FREE commercial module support. This is where you should be going :slight_smile:

Oh, I was not aware of that. Thanks!

Most-likely you’ll be re-assigned to me

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Thanks! Talk to you soon! :slight_smile:

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