Zulu Can't connect after migrating client to new Vlan


We have had our freepbx server on a flat network for the last few years, recently I began setting up some new vlans with plans to move servers and clients over. Since I am currently testing the functionality, I decided to move my workstation over to the new client vlan which has full access to the current flat network. Whenever I try to connect to Zulu in the new vlan I get an error that states: There is an error trying to reach the server. I am also unable to ping the DNS name or IP of the freepbx server. From the freepbx server I can ping my endpoint and get a response, and I can ping the pbx server from my L3 switch.

I thought this might has been a freepbx firewall issue and I added the new Vlan in the firewall under trusted networks but that didn’t change anything. I completely disabled the firewall but that also did nothing. The networks bypass any firewall rules internally so its not that, and I’m not really sure where else to check on the freepbx side. This pbx was initially setup with a LAN and WAN interfaces and we can connect from the outside just fine.

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