Zulu Call Popup

Just installed the Zulu client on my windows PC… enabled Zulu for my user in Freepbx, set “link to url” on the extension, the inbound route and the ring group. Tried making an incoming call, no popup. Changed the extension, route and ring group to link to contact and made an incoming call, no popup. Changed them all to do nothing, no popup. FreePBX is showing as available in the Zulu tray icon, and I can initiate an outbound call and change my presence state so the client is talking to the server ok. Have rebooted both the server and the client PC just in case.

Two questions…

  1. What could be wrong that neither “link to url” nor “link to contact” are doing anything.
  2. Is there an option whereby the Zulu client will just pop up a “tray popup” with the Caller ID Name & Number of the caller (ie. no link to Outlook, and no browser popup)?


Tray notifications work by default and can’t be disabled. If you are having trouble getting that to function please open a commercial support ticket so we can look at your system up close.