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Will the future Zulu Chat have the option for sending broadcast messages? We have groups of users (Sales, BA, IT, Dev) and would sometimes like to send broadcasts to the different groups, or select employees across different groups, or all the users. This way, when you look at chat history, you will see the broadcast came from a particular user, and not in a chat room (sometimes we might message users across different groups, so they may not be in the same chat room).

Not at this time but what we recommend is having a everyone group and indie that group you can send a @all and they will get a notification of the new message.

Should I file a feature request for this? Without this feature, we will not be able to adopt Zulu Chat. Our management team insists that anytime someone sends a broadcast, it be logged in their personal chat history. That is to say, if Bob sent a broadcast message, Sally should be able to go to her chat screen with Bob and see that he sent a broadcast (rather than referring to history of the @all chat room).

Sorry it’s not the direction we are going or how modern chat systems work. Zulu chat is designed around hipchat and slack concepts. You can file any feature request you want and it will be evaluated but at this point we are trying to get the chat out with the features we have and stable.

I suggest you try it out once released and judge for yourself. Chat systems have made major changes from the old days of chatting and it’s all about group collaboration now days.

Understood, thanks Tony; perhaps with these comments, I can gather some more ammo to convince management that there are better ways of doing things. I prefer the Slack chat method myself (even IRC is great imho, though antiquated), but management is pushing back stubbornly. We are stuck on v2 of Openfire for this particular reason. :confused:

Is there a way to search history of all chats for a particular user’s comment? For example, I don’t recall if Bob sent a message to @all or to @team or to @me personally. Or would I be relegated to searching each chat separately or could I search all chats for @bob ?

I know this is a very old post - but wondering if someone can elaborate a bit on Tony’s suggestion for the “everyone group” and “@all” ; and was “indie that group” a typo or does it mean something that’s eluding me

Thank you - Richard

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